Aitor Karanka has just become a victim of the sack after Three and a half years at the helm of Middlesbrough FC bringing them up from the championship to top flight English Football.The Spanish Mentor joins a list of managers that have been sacked in England and around the world because of poor results. Claudio Ranieri was sacked by Leicester City FC because of a poor run of results despite leading them to English glory last season, many have condemned the Leicester City FC board for that decision but yet again what where they supposed to do? get relegated?

Ranieri turned from a hero to a villain at Leicester City FC in less than a season because his team was sitting just above the relegation zone which was very bad, looking at what the previous season had brought to the club. In football when a player doesn’t perform the coaches bench him and eventually sell him if his game doesn’t improve, the same applies for coaches when you do good as a coach you are praised when you do bad you get bashed by everyone “it comes with the job”. Aitor Karanka has built the current Middlesbrough team making sure that they compete against the best in the EPL however now his team is showing signs of choking and its only fair that he has been released because the club still wants to be in the EPL come next season and that was increasingly becoming difficult. From the board’s point of view letting him go and trying to change the direction of the ship before it hits an iceberg  was a wise decision because the club really needs premier league status if they dream of being among the best in the country someday. However we can not forget that the premier league dream was made possible by the same Aitor Karanka they’re turning their backs on now, with a very poor January transfer season it is as if they wanted him to fail making his job harder. Aitor will probably feel that the board owes him a little more, after all the club is where it is because of his hard work.

Aitor Karanka – Now former Middlesbrough FC Coach

If you don’t keep your balance it is obvious you will not be able to stand when you get pushed, in football as a coach if the results are not convincing your days are numbered and that should not be anyone’s fault but your own as the coach after all the praise goes to you when you win. Aitor Karanka a good tactician leading Middlesbrough FC for 169 games winning 80 drawing 40 times and losing 49 times which is a fair record judging from his age of just 43 which is fairly young in coaching terms. Premature or not this is an opportunity for Karanka to go back to the drawing board and refine his craft as a coach and look to build from there. He will surely be missed at Middlesbrough FC because of what he did for the club was great but his time is up and he should look forward to the next challenge and seek to correct the past and become better than before.

Coaches will get hired and fired on a constant basis because of the pace of things in today’s world, gone are the days where a coach would be given years to find his feet, the game is not only about playing but now with business man running the show the issue of profitability and brand management has become very important and as a 21st century Manager/Coach one needs to prepare himself/herself for whatever comes their way. As a Manager you have to consistently perform because your job is not a permanent contract you are only contracted for a fixed period and in that period you need to give the club a good reason to keep you there that is how it is. It’s unfortunate that good Manager/Coach and great individuals have to be shown the door but “it comes with the job” even the great Jose Mourinho had to be sacked from Chelsea before the season finished because of poor results, but he has since moved on to the next chapter.


by Tinashe-Shingai Mukandatsama    (








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