The Biggest prize in European club Football – THE UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TROPHY!

Could they do it again? do they have what it takes? Are they strong enough? Is the mentality in their Camp right? A lot of questions are looming as Leicester city FC edge closer to the champions league final can they repeat last year’s fairy tale by winning Europe’s biggest club football prize? Many questions are being asked and more will be asked as the whole of England looks up to Leicester to do what many clubs have failed to do since Chelsea last did it in 2012. With Claudio Ranieri gone LC FC look like a new team having regained vital form in the premier league and maintaining form in the champions league could they end the English champions league drought this year? only time can tell. It is evident that when Leicester City FC are determined on getting something they do not back down at all, having convincingly won the premier league last year.

I would love the champions league to be won by some other team other than Barcelona or Real Madrid because the trophy seems to be a Spanish champions league now with the two biggest teams in Spain duopolising the trophy for the past three competitions. LCFC winning this year’s edition could be a much needed paradigm shift from the excuse that English teams can’t win it because of their tight fixture schedule. The English fixture list is ridiculous compared to other leagues without a break in December, but is it the sole reason why English teams can not win the league?  I don’t think so! because if teams like Chelsea could win it in a tough season domestically playing in the same fixture schedule then why can’t it be done again. Manchester City made it to the semi-finals last year which was close enough, so if they could get that far I do not think the fixture excuse holds much water, although we can’t completely dismiss it.

Leicester City Football Club Slimani goal celebration Vs FC Porto in the champions League

England needs to get behind the LCFC lads and support them by giving them their undivided attention in the Champions’ league because them winning the competition gives English football bragging rights in Europe once again. Leicester City should however not make the mistake to equate their Champions League run to their Premier league run of last year because the levels are different and this league would not allow them any slip ups like the Premier league allowed them last season. LCFC still have to face clubs like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Athletico Madrid among others, so its still going to get tough.

The players need to gear up for a lifetime ride that will test everything they have physically and mentally. The game is played by fellow human beings so if you look at it at that angle they can do it because what others can do they can do to which they proved with a fairly unknown squad last year, but this time you face human beings and super beings or Aliens like Messi and Ronaldo but this is Football anything can happen. Portugal did it when no one expected them to, which further proves the unpredictability of football. Lets wait and see maybe this year the duopoly ends and Leicester City FC are crowned the European Champions??!!!

Leicester City football club – logo

By Tinashe-Shingai Mukandatsama  (tinashe.shingai@gmail.com)
















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