PAUL LABILE POGBA – Signing for Manchester United FC for a World record fee.

Jose Mourinho and Manchester United FC surprised the world in the summer transfer window of 2016 by not only re-signing a former united star but by breaking the world transfer record in the process. Many have criticised Mourinho and labelled the transfer a waste of money, but the question is “Was it really a waste? “, Mourinho is known as a manager that is never shy in the transfer market, someone that goes all out on a player he wants and this he has proven to us many times. After Being appointed Man United Manager Mourinho managed to sign Eric Bailly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrick Mkhitaryan and Paul Pogba and its the Paul Pogba signing that got the world buzzing. The Prodigal son returned home in unexpected circumstances causing an international stir yet he had left without the world even blinking, instead no one really cared much for the french youngster that had been in the Manchester United set up for a while.

Pogba was a very important figure in the Juventus set up, winning a lot of silverware with the club during his time there and earning a spot in the FIFA Team of the year. Mourinho a great admirer of Pogba was determined to re-sign Pogba for the Red Devils in a bid to build a squad that could compete at the highest level. Financially Pogba’s Jersey sales alone have been so good that what people deemed a loss is actually a great profit before we even start looking at his contribution on the field. Football is more than a sport and has since been greatly influenced by money as teams seek to make major profits from deals, the Pogba deal being an example of that. Financially for Man United the Pogba deal wasn’t a loss as his jersey sales still continue to rise.

Looking at playing stats Pogba has been a great asset in the Man United Squad contributing to numerous goals and creating a lot of chances which have determined whether Man United win or lose. The current Man united sqaud still needs improvement for it to challenge for a lot of trophies but the summer additions have rewarded the club with the community shield and the EFL Cup which is something of worth. looking at the way Pogba has played he has done okay which is fair and comparing with the other premier league Midfielders he has done quite alright for himself. The problem with his performance is that the fans and other critics expect Pogba to “Change water into wine” because of his price tag but forget that the young Frenchman is only 24 with a lot to learn and has adjusted quite well looking at the fact that he is coming from a different league altogether. If we take away from United the contributions Pogba has made on the field I think we will realise how much of an impact he has made for the club thus far.

PAUL LABILE POGBA – On the ball in  Premier League Match 2016/17 season

Too much criticism has been put on Pogba yet looking at the value he has brought to Man United he has actually done okay for now. However it is understandable that people expected more than what he has given already, for such a hefty price tag people expected Pogba and United to be challenging for the premier league. I can’t to see what Mourinho will do in the next transfer period, who he will bring in to complement players like Pogba, Mkhitaryan and Zlatan.

Critics will do what they do best and fans will be over ambitious but Pogba’s contribution is something you cannot over look nomatter who you are and frankly Jose Mourinho knew what he wanted when he bought the player and Manchester United FC have managed to stay relevant and will need to spend more to stay relevant and avoid being a “has been” like other teams that once where. I strongly feel that next season with the right additions Jose Mourinho will definitely be a threat to many teams not only in England but in Europe aswell.

By Tinashe-Shingai Mukandatsama (tinashe.shingai@gmail.com)


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