LEFT TO RIGHT: Mauricio Pochettino |Pep Guardiola |Jurgen Klopp |Jose Mourinho |Arsene Wenger |Ronald Koeman

As the end draws closer its becoming tougher for the top 6 manages to win games and be certain of their standing next season as they race for the 4 champions leagues spots up for grabs. Chelsea are back to winning ways after the Man United loss and look like definite champions, Totenham are the only team hopeful to win the league apart from Chelsea, Liverpool are failing to find that consistent run, Manchester City are still finding their feet, Manchester United are the most consistent team in drawing games of-course, Arsenal are trying to regain their birth right (4th place), lastly Everton and Koeman are trying to surpass Moyes’ Everton.

Pressure is mounting on the managers Wenger is going through a rough patch with fans against him, having that top 4 spot will reassure fans that there is still hope and maybe it might change the fans mind (enough is enough, Wenger out). Klopp is having his 1st full season and he wants to prove to the world that he is also a big time coach that can get Liverpool back to the glory days. Guardiola is having it tough like never before he finds himself fighting for top 4 yet he is used to gliding through to 1st place, Koeman looks to cause an upset and steal a spot, and Mourinho just realised that he is in Manchester now not in London and its been tough on the other side. The premier league drama is coming to an end and its getting very hard to predict games as the drama mounts it feels like we are watching a season of Game of Thrones, you do not know who dies and who lives. This is why the premier league is considered the best league in the world who thought that Guardiola would drop to 4th place and struggle to make champions league football. Who thought that another Italian could come to England and win the league, who expected Wenger to lose the 4th place well its only in the premier league. Who thought a team that was in the relegation zone at some point last season would be top of the league, who thought the league champions (Leicester City) would be far from the top 4 this season.

English football has amassed such a great following because of its unpredictability and ability to intrigue an audience like a Denzel Washington movie. predictions coming through are all certain that Totenham and Chelsea make it ton the top 4 and some writers feel between Guardiola and Mourinho one will fall. Well my prediction for top 4 sees both Guardiola and Mourinho making the fold joining Pochettino and Conte whilst klopp and Wenger fall short, however this is the premier league and anything is possible maybe Koeman will make the cut or maybe both Mourinho and Guardiola will lose the top 4 spot only time will tell as the league comes to an end with only 4/5 games left.



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