A coach is the architect of a well structured team because he/she is the one that draws up the structure that leads the team to victory. Without the coach a team is like a moving car without a driver, you do not know where its going because there is no one to direct it into the proper path. Great teams are great because of the leaders that lead them to that greatness, from the greatness of Brian Clough wining the champions league with Nottingham Forest  in 1978–79 and 1979–80 to the great Sir Alex Ferguson treble of 1998-1999 and to the new age of the 21st century successes of Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola.

Players are praised and given credit for winning titles and very little credit is given to the coaching Staff. Zinedine Zidane has changed history by winning the champions league for two consecutive seasons which is a milestone that has not been witnessed since the tournament’s change into the champions league. Since Real Madrid won the Champions League there has been a great noise in the city of Madrid and the world round made by the Real Madrid fans. However in all that noise what pains me the most is that very little credit or praise has been given to Zinedine Zidane for his heroics, instead most of the credit is being given to players like Christiano Ronaldo. Taking nothing from Christiano Ronaldo, he is an amazing player and his contributions are nothing short of amazing, he played a very important role leading up to the victory in the final and he deserves every praise that his getting but the coach as the director of the amazing “Madrid Movie” deserves more credit than his getting from the media and from everyone in the football world.


When teams win titles I have realised that in all the celebrations the work of the coach is overlooked and overshadowed by player heroics. Coaches are very important and in my opinion the most important when it comes to winning trophies because without coaches the team is without a leader, a motivator, a support system, a mentor, a director, a parent, and a number one fan among other things that contribute to player performance in order to get the best out of the player. The Master class of Zidane is the most important factor that won Real Madrid the La Liga title and two consecutive Champions leagues in the 1 and a half seasons his been there, despite his masterclass being overshadowed by Ronaldo his heroics Zidane has made history and he will indeed go down in the books as one of the great coaches this world has witnessed.

By Tinashe-Shingai Mukandatsama (


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